American Power and Gas powers homes and businesses with clean, green, affordable energy. For the past fifteen years, customers have been attracted to this company’s exceptional service, commitment to sustainable fuel, competitive prices, and incredible rebate program. American power and Gas consistently earns Customer Choice awards within its industry. With offices in Seminole, Florida, and Barranquilla, Colombia, this corporation is poised to expand even further. American Power and Gas’s energy experts currently use their industry expertise and comprehensive research to find and deliver the best fuel sources. The company currently services residential and commercial properties in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, with plans to add more states in the near future. Contact American Power and Gas today to find out more or enroll.

The Power of Deregulation

For many decades, all Americans could only use their local utility company for power and gas. This outdated policy made sense during the early days of the United States, when energy infrastructure was just being established. However, nowadays, many states have realized that this regulation no longer makes sense or serves the people. For this reason, many legislatures have chosen to deregulate energy, allowing alternative suppliers like American Power and Gas to enter the market. Customers can now benefit from this competition, gaining access to green power, excellent rates, and superior service.

The Green Effect

American Power and Gas offers 100 percent sustainable power, created from natural sources such as wind turbines and biomass (organic matter). Green electricity and green natural gas are much better for the environment than coal and fossil fuels. These nonrenewable fuels pollute the air and use up valuable resources. In addition to providing cleaner power for customers, American Power and Gas has created The Green Effect, an initiative to raise awareness about the importance of environmentally conscious energy and teach readers how to live a greener lifestyle. In addition, the company provides free promotional materials to help businesses who work use American Power and Gas’s services advertise their commitment to green energy and educate their customers.

Rebates and Rewards

American Power and Gas truly values its customers, so the company provides impressive rebates and outstanding rewards for its clientele. After a year of enrollment, the corporation cuts customers checks for 25 percent of their average monthly energy bill. American Power and Gas also recently launched an “Unexpected Rewards Program” to surprise its clients with special gift cards from time to time.

Valuing Veterans

With more and more states deregulating their energy, American Power and Gas is growing. The company plans to hire up to 120 new employees to take on inside sales representative positions and other roles. In the recruitment process, the company is focusing on United States veterans. These military professionals are exceptionally skilled and committed workers, but often have difficulty finding employment when they complete their service. The company would be delighted to provide homegrown jobs for these high-caliber Americans.

Learn More About American Power and Gas

To find out more about everything this alternative energy supplier has to offer, get involved with The Green Effect, or enroll for services, contact American Power and Gas today.