Business owners, managers, and executives need to implement the right strategies to succeed. This is where Measurable Solutions comes in. Jeff Lee and Shaun Kirk were effective entrepreneurs in their own right when they founded this consultancy in 2000. They took the lessons they learned while running their own businesses and refined them into powerful, usable principles. Now, clients can take advantage of this knowledge by working with Measurable Solutions’ committed, caring consultants, taking on-site classes at their Clearwater, FL or Seattle, WA offices, and even learning remotely with online courses. To find out more about their services or schedule a consultation, contact Measurable Solutions.

The Start of Solutions

Measurable Solutions began with the New Patient Course, a two-day seminar to help practice owners drive referral traffic and boost their businesses with a twenty-week campaign. Since then, they’ve delivered this course to close to 3,000 practice owners for dazzling results. In the past 15 years, Measurable Solutions has also expanded the scope of its services to include over 40 consulting and management training offerings. These programs teach step-by-step approaches that deliver results for companies and organizations in a variety of fields. No matter what industry you’re in, Measurable Solutions’ team can assist you. The company has worked with companies in North America, South America, Europe, and the Caribbean.

The Measurable Difference

The primary factor that distinguishes Measurable Solutions from other consulting firms is its focus on applicability. Consultants and instructors help businesspeople achieve tangible results using their techniques. They believe that training is only valuable if the information learned can be implemented to achieve specific outcomes. The Measurable Solutions team is passionate about empowering business owners and managers with tools to take charge of their companies. Using the proven principles they teach, executives can more confidently run any enterprise and enjoy the freedoms that come with success.

What Clients Have To Say

Given their emphasis on results, Measurable Solutions is best characterized by clients’ testimonials. Consider the following examples:

  • Chad Helms, a business owner from San Antonio, TX, grew his business 20 times with Measurable Solutions. On his experience, he commented: “The experience with Measurable Solutions has initiated a kind of personal development and business development track for both my business partner and I that I don’t think we ever would have started down had we not come into contact with this group.”
  • Susan Masie, a Nashville, TX practice owner, doubled her patient visits with Measurable Solutions. She is delighted with her results: “We have…expanded our clinic space, have added staff, and are now helping nearly 300 children and families per week.”
  •  Jim Bowe, a business owner from Palm Coast, FL, expanded his company’s gross income by 300 percent with Measurable Solutions’ training. He explained: “After going and getting trained…I realized there was much more to know about running a successful practice…My freedom to enjoy other hobbies and interests is exponentially higher. Best of all, my customers see the difference in how we operate our company and deliver what they want.”

Learn More About Measurable Solutions

If you’d like to find out more about Measurable Solutions or schedule a consultation, contact the consultancy today.